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Our Startups

We back the most ambitious founders disrupting their industries. Cur8 has invested in over 50 companies to date.


Our Portfolio

xyzy reality XYZ Reality

Engineering grade augmented reality platform

Scoodle-logo Scoodle

Connecting students and tutors

Quit_Genius_Logo-removebg-preview Quit Genius

Personalised addiction treatment for your workplace

cloe Cloe Enhance operational workflow through AI

Perlego Perlego

Online Library of academic resources and tools

challah Challau

Meet up and speak to friends or colleagues in virtual homes

oxwash Oxwash

On demand laundry services made simple and sustainable

trustshare Trustshare

Simple borderless credit infrastructure for marketplaces

glamorous Glamorous

Bringing drugs to every target by advancing AI to address data challenges

satis Satis

Enhancing cooking and packing productivity through AI

opvia Opvia

Develop quality procedures collaboratively through interconnected tables and data workflows

Nerv Nerv

Data driven medical insights for optimal postoperative recovery

searchsmartly Search Smartly

Find a home you won't find anywhere else 


kerning Kerning Cultures

Immersive podcasts for the curious listener

tactic-2 Tactic

Build target account lists based on any criteria to power sales and marketing

causal Causal

Business planning platform for finance and beyond

contilio Contilio

Turns construction site data into actionable insights and efficiencies


Landscape Landscape

Share your investor experiences anonymously

Haute-Hijab-Logo Haute Hijab

Stylish, quality hijabs making every woman feel comfortable and confident

thinksono ThinkSono

Ultrasounds for everyone via digital training modules, AI and automated reporting

Anything World Anything World

3d creativity powered by machine learning

Alice camera Alice Camera

Convert your smartphone into a DSLR to share 4k content instantly

staze Staze

Find the most sustainable hotel anywhere

ori Ori

The new distributed cloud - unlocks, powers and connects your applications and infrastructure

OkHi OkHi

Verifies address' through smartphones instead of utility bills and physical visits

retrace Retrace

Explore your production application in real-time

Quench Quench

The new standard for video creators

Office and dragons Office & Dragons

Create, update and align on documentation easily

erad Erad

Non-dilutive funding for businesses with flexible payment and fast approval

pace Pace Revenue

Unlock revenue potential through automated decision intelligence and leading BI


Odin Odin Space

Mapping invisible orbital debris to protect space assets

mytos logo Mytos

Infrastructure for cell manufacturing

vidi Vidi Guides

Podcast tours of cities and sites to help you discover the world

wayhome Wayhome

Help aspiring homeowners purchase homes through gradual homeownership




A number of our startups have also exited...