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For investors looking for regular income and some growth on their capital to combat inflation.

Our Offering

We give you access to professionally-managed institutional real estate funds. The sort of thing that big pension funds and university endowment funds invest in.

So these funds are otherwise difficult to directly access. We also occasionally offer one-off real estate deals into single assets.


~7% – 15% annually

Min Investment

£1.5k – £5k


3 months

The benefits of our offering

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Careful tax

We work with experienced tax advisors to ensure minimal tax leakage and we often unlock tax savings through offshore structures.


No dealing with landlords, managing tenants or other day-to-day issues.


Our fund offerings allow you to spread your real estate risk across multiple assets from the start.


£150K of Cur8 money is dedicated to immediately buy back from our investors looking to exit early.

Low minimum

Many top Real Estate Funds require £1m+ to invest – we give entry for £5k. You can also invest in individual real estate deals from £1.5k.

Our track record speaks for itself




Real estate invesments


Average dividends realised

Our fund partners are world class

Our portfolio

As well as investing in individual deals, we invest into other real estate funds who bring us access to their own unique deal flow.

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£30m asset on a long-term lease to Tesco. We recently paid out our second dividend with a 6.8% net return, exceeding our target of 6.5%.


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£50m Private fund investing in UK real estate generating a cash return of 5.5% per annum and a total return of 13.6% with significant tax benefits. Managed by a fund manager that owns $1bn+ of UK assets.

Rasmala UK Property Fund

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New UK property opportunity targeting 11% per annum with 2 years liquidity

Sama Property Development