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For charities, endowments, and trusts looking for investment solutions that are Sharia compliant, bespoke, and managed by regulated specialists.

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Our investments are managed by world-class fund managers who collectively look after over $20bn in assets.


We don’t just help you manage your funds, we help you raise millions more through our innovative products including a tax-efficient waqf builder and Islamic wills.

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You have some funds you need in 1 month, others you might not need for years. Our extensive product list allows us to come up with a bespoke solution that is right for you.

Our three core offerings

Cur8 Cash

A liquid, safe, cash management solution using global Islamic banks offering leading rates.

Real Estate

Invest in a UK property fund generating income and capital appreciation managed by highly experienced real estate funds.

Growth Investments

We are leaders in sharia-compliant venture capital and private equity investing in Europe.

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