Unlock the power of entity investing

Take advantage of the efficiencies of investing via a limited company, trust, or entity.

Invest via an entity

You can benefit from all the perks of investing via a limited company, partnership, trust, charity or CIO, with Cur8’s seamless entity investor platform.

Our entities offering

Entity investors on Cur8 can take advantage of benefits not available to individual investor accounts, such as tax deductions and ability to invest via various vehicles.

You can invest in any of our deals* through a dedicated legal entity, such as a limited company, a partnership, trust, charity or CIO, or other forms of entity for no extra charge, using the same great platform as individual investors.

*excluding IF-ISA

If you wish to read more about the potential tax implications of entity investing, you can read this article on our blog.

Or, to see how to add an entity to your Cur8 account, you can follow this guide.

The benefits of our entities offering

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If you invest via your limited company, dividends are usually exempt from corporation tax so your company will not pay tax on that dividend income.

Flexible to your needs

For charities and other entities you will have a mixture of investment pots – some low risk and short term, and others more focused on the long term and growth-seeking investments.

Group 22


All our asset classes are eligible – from our venture capital, real estate, and fixed income funds, to individual investment deals, you can access it all via our platform.

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Invest in Startups via Entities

All of our startup deals are eligible to invest through an entity, both from our venture fund and individual deals.

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Invest in Funds via Entities

As well as investing in individual deals, we offer venture, income and real estate fund investments. All our funds are accessible via entity investments and users can take advantage of the tax and organisational benefits of entity investing.

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Cur8’s inaugural venture fund consisting of 20 startups across tech, pharma and more. Targeting 4-6x returns during the fund lifetime, capital gains tax and inheritance tax-free.

Cur8 EIS Venture Fund [Europe]

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£50m Private fund investing in UK real estate generating a cash return of 5.5% per annum and a total return of 13.6% with significant tax benefits. Managed by a fund manager that owns $1bn+ of UK assets.

Rasmala UK Property Fund

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Offering high liquidity and market-leading returns of 6%. Fully property-backed, all whilst earning good deeds for supporting affordable halal home finance.

Fixed Income Fund

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£30m asset on a long-term lease to Tesco. We recently paid out our second dividend with a 6.8% net return, exceeding our target of 6.5%.


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