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For impact focused investors who want to make a difference in the world, willing to take on risk to make spectacularly high returns or looking to make tax efficient investments.

Our Offering

To unlock the best returns in venture, you need to get access to the best deals in venture. We consistently do this through our network.

You can invest in professionally-managed venture capital funds (which typically have high minimums to invest in) along with individual start-up deals.

We also make sure that over 60% of our deals are into companies led by black, ethnic minority, female or Muslim founders.


25% annually

Min investment

£1.5k – £5k


7 – 10 years

The benefits of our offering

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Early investors in very successful startups can make material returns. Of course many companies fail, but the overall average return can be high if you diversify and pick a few winners.

Access the
best startups

As a startup ourselves we are best places to access great deals through our network and can help add value to grow your investment.


Our startup investments are usually SEIS and EIS comparable. This means that you get a tax rebate in year 1 of between 30-50% and do not need to pay Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax.

Low minimum

VC Funds usually require £500k+ per investor – we give entry for £5k (this can be split into installments). You can also invest in individual startups from £1.5k.

Our track record speaks for itself




Profitable exits


Valuation growth in
existing portfolio



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Our Startup


We back the most ambitious founders disrupting their industries. Cur8 has invested in over 50 companies to date.

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Our venture funds portfolio

As well as investing in individual deals, we invest into other venture funds globally who bring us access to their own unique deal flow.

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We are co-investing alongside leading sovereign wealth funds and institutions into the MENA-focused Oryx Fund.

The fund managers are highly experienced in the Middle East with deep networks in the region and globally.

Hambro Perks Oryx Fund (MENA)

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Sarmayacar is the oldest and most established VC fund in Pakistan, with a credible team we’ve followed for years, and who have secured the backing of institutional investors such as the International Finance Corporation.

Sarmayacar Pakistan Fund (Pakistan)

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Cur8’s inaugural venture fund consisting of 20 startups across tech, pharma and more. Targeting 4-6x returns during the fund lifetime, capital gains tax and inheritance tax-free.

Cur8 EIS Venture Fund [Europe]

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