We know the accreditation page might seem daunting so here is some more information help you.

Why do you ask for accreditation

This is a mandatory question from the FCA our regulator in order to comply with COBS 4.12 Restrictions on the promotion of non-mainstream pooled investments

During the pandemic there was a rise in people taking out high risk investments e.g. crypto without understanding the implications. This regulation helps to safeguard people taking out high risk investments like those on our Cur8 platform such as our  v.c investments.

What is the criteria I need to meet?

Sophisticated investor

  • You have invested in two or more unlisted company in last two years.
  • You have been the director of a company with an annual turnover of at least £1 Million
  • You have worked in a professional capacity in the private equity sector or within finance at an SME in the last two years.
  • You have been a member of a business angel network for at least the last six months.

High net worth investor

  • You earn more than £100,000/year, or hold net assets of at least £250,000.

Accredited investor (US only)

  • Individuals with annual income over $200K (individually) or $300K (with spouse or spousal equivalent) in each of the last 2 years and an expectation of the same this year
  • Individuals with net assets over $1 million, excluding the primary residence (unless more is owed on the mortgage than the residence is worth)
  • An institution with over $5 million in assets, such as a venture fund or a trust
  • An entity made up entirely of accredited investorsSEC- and state-registered investment advisersExempt reporting advisers filing with the SEC
  • Individual with certain professional certifications (Series 7, Series 65, and Series 82 license)
  • – “Family offices” with over $5 million in assets under management and their “family clients,” as each term is defined under the Investment Advisers Act
  • Any entity with over $5 million in investments and that was not formed for the specific purpose of investing in the securities offered
  • A rural business investment company (RBIC)

How often do I need to re-certify my status?

Every 12 months.

Do I need to upload any certifications or statements?

Not usually – though we might occasionally ask for this in certain cases

What assets can my net worth include?

This could be a range of assets including cash, savings, jewellery, second home, investments. You can check out our net worth tracker to help you but must exclude your pension. 

What income can I include?

Aside from you base salary you could consider side hustle income, rental income, income from investments,  or if investing with your parter any combined income