Invest in the Pharmacy of the Future

Transforming the UK pharmacy landscape with strategic acquisitions and advanced automation

Invest in the future

For investors looking for a unique investment opportunity with strong growth potential in the UK healthcare sector.

Our Pharmacy Offering

Cur8 Capital is offering a unique investment opportunity to transform the UK pharmacy sector.

We have acquired a portfolio of pharmacies in the North West of England and are poised to expand further with additional on-going pharmacy acquisitions.

This investment will capitalise on industry trends and expand revenue streams through technological enhancements.

Having already receiving lucrative offers that highlight significant unrealised profit, incoming investors are invited to share in this promising upside.

Target Exit

4-7x Returns

Investment Life

7 – 10 Years

Target IRR


The benefits of our pharmacy offering

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By partnering with Everest, our combined team brings deep industry expertise and a successful track record in pharmacy operations and acquisitions.


Minimised risk with experienced management, strategic acquisitions, advanced automation, diversified revenue streams, and thorough due diligence.


NHS contracts are expected to improve in response to current healthcare strains, and the private healthcare sector is growing rapidly


All FAQs
  • Cur8 Capital focuses on basic efficiencies, automation, services, improved NHS contracts, and digital personalised marketing to drive growth.

    Key initiatives include:

    Basic Efficiencies: Implementing FIFO, just-in-time methodologies, efficient ordering, and staff rotas to reduce expenses.

    Automation: Using robotics to cut staff costs and improve stock management.

    Private and NHS Services: Expanding essential services, including patient assessments, treatments, diagnostics, and more.

    Improved NHS Contracts: Anticipating increased rates in the new NHS contract.

    Digital Marketing: Leveraging customer data to boost revenue through targeted marketing.

  • This investment is based on the trend of increasing NHS pressure, leading to quasi-privatisation of services to GPs and pharmacies. While there is an expectation that the NHS dispensing contract will improve, the investment model does not solely rely on this change.

  • All Cur8 Capital investments are halal, this includes our pharmacies. Our pharmacies do not sell haram products. Furthermore, our partners Everest endeavour to provide non-pork gelatine alternatives when available. If alternatives are not available, scholars typically allow such drugs out of necessity. NHS practitioners at Everest pharmacies provide factual health services and consultations without moral judgments. Patients receive advice and consultation strictly on health matters.

  • Cur8 Capital & Everest pharmacies are designed for optimal workflow and patient experience, leading in dispensing, private, and NHS services.

    Key achievements include:

    Revenue: COVID contracts significantly boosted revenue; net profit is around 10%.

    Services: All pharmacies offer various services with ongoing experiments.

    Robotics: Implemented in two sites to enhance efficiency.

  • The expected internal rate of return (IRR) for this investment is between 20-25%. For detailed financial projections, please refer to the investment deck and financial model available on the Cur8 Capital platform.