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Your entry to private funds

How it works

How it works



What can you invest in



Invest in early-stage startups on the cutting-edge of technology

Indicative Returns: >30% per annum

Liquidity: 5 - 10 years (Returns are made on sale of the company, two of our investments have sold within the first 2 years)


real estate


Private real-estate investment into multi-billion dollar asset managers. 

Indicative Returns: >7% per annum

Liquidity: 10 working days (we have a liquidity pool available where you can sell your shares back to us and receive your funds within 10 working days)

Dividends: Every 6-12 months

Advised holding period: 5 years (this is to fully take advantage of any capital appreciation of the property)



Coming soon! 

We have many other private asset classes coming soon including fixed-income and Sukuk.



How to invest

1. Signup and fill out your details
This takes about 5 minutes, but you can always save your progress and come back to it!

2. Verify your identity
We'll send you an email after you signup on how to do this

3. Login to view our live deals 

4. Invest!