Secondary market

Our secondary market offers early liquidity to sellers and new opportunities to buyers.

Fee – £100 payable by both buyers and sellers (free for members selling)

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How it works

Register interest to sell

Existing investors can complete a form with their investment details.

List opportunity

We will then work out the value/remaining term and once agreed with the seller we will list the investment on our secondary market which will be opened quarterly.

Register interest to buy

Buyers can view the investment details on this page and register their interest.

Transfer investment

We will work with both parties to transfer funds and shares with fees payable on transfer.

Looking to sell your investments?

Simply fill out this form with your investment details to register your interest.

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Live opportunities

There are currently no live opportunities and all new opportunities will be listed in September. We have listed a sample deal in the meantime.

Sample Fund – European VC Fund (Venture Capital)

33% p.a

  • Remaining term – original investment date March 2022, remaining term 10 years.

  • Commitment – initial investment £5k, current value £6k. Being sold at £5.5k.

The European VC Fund will invest across European early-stage technology companies.

Quick FAQs

All FAQs
  • Currently the secondary market is only available for investments where the full amount has been transferred.

  • Once you have registered your interest we will then look at the initial valuation vs the current valuation to agree the amount to be transferred. We will confirm this with you ahead of listing it on our website.

  • Yes – all buyers and sellers who are not Cur8 members will be charged an upfront admin fee of £100. This will be free to members selling.

    The buyer will then continue to pay any recurring management fees as listed on our fees page.

  • No – where products offer a liquidity pool (e.g. Rasmala and Fixed Income Fund) you will not be required to pay any fees or list the sale on the secondary market. Simply contact us and we can facilitate the  liquidation.

  • If you have invested in Rasmala or the Fixed Income Fund you do not need to go to through the secondary market as these products have a liquidity pool. You can request to sell via the contact us page.